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Important Notice for 2017

Camp Good News will not be holding residential or day camp programs for the 2017 season.

Camp Good News will still be open this summer, but there will be no children’s camp.
People can still be involved in camp by:

  • Helping with maintenance projects
  • Praying for the ministry of CEF of NH and the future of Camp Good News
  • Churches may rent the camp facility to run their own programs for a week or weekend

No scholarships will be given out during the 2017 camping season.


**You must read through and agree to the guidelines below before completing the scholarship application**


General Information

Camp Good News New Hampshire has scholarship funds available on an as needed basis. All of the scholarship money awarded is collected by third party donations and not given from Camp Good News funds. Therefore, scholarship funds are limited to what individuals donate on a yearly basis. Applications for scholarships are collected starting the first of the year but are not awarded any moneys until mid-March. This way we can prioritize the scholarships and be good stewards of the donations we have received. If any funds remain after all is fairly distributed or more donations are received after that date, then that money will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. An application is required for each scholarship request and must be received by April 15th. There is no guarantee that applications received after this date will have scholarship funds available.

These funds are for the purposes of partial scholarship only – no full scholarships will be granted.

Application Process

  1. Fill out your application, if you have a question regarding a specific field please call or email camp rather than keep that field blank. (complete applications will only be used to award scholarships)
  2. If you have filled out your application online it will be sent via email to the camp scholarship team. If you have a paper copy, please mail it to 165 Camp Good News Rd, Charlestown NH 03603.
  3. All applications are collected up until April 15th, however the process for awarding scholarships will start mid-March (refer to ‘General Information’ above for further explanation).
  4. As soon as you have been awarded a scholarship, you will be notified via your contact information on the application.

A sponsor is required to complete the registration within 14 days of having been notified that they were granted a scholarship or the scholarship will be considered forfeited.


Types of Scholarships

1.   Good News Club Scholarship: This scholarship is for those children who attend a Child Evangelism Fellowship Good News Club. Scholarships are given out based upon the camper’s financial need.  All Good News Club students that apply will receive priority over general scholarship applicants as long as funds are still available.

2.   Charlestown Scholarship: The Charlestown Scholarship is for those children whose families are residents of Charlestown NH and are looking to attend Day camp. This scholarship can be applied to the Day Camp Program exclusively, no exceptions. The scholarship is in the amount of $100, it will bring the cost of Day Camp down to $75 for Charlestown Residents.

3.   General Scholarship: All Children may apply for a partial scholarship. The percentage of which is determined by the scholarship team and awarded on a per child basis not to exceed 40% of the base cost of camp.


1.   Scholarships may not be combined: A child may only receive the greater of any two scholarships.

Camp Good News reserves the right to forfeit a scholarship for the following reasons:

1.      Misrepresentation: Any breach of trust in the dis-closure of financial need will result in automatic withdrawal of scholarship funds from the candidate – no exceptions.

2.      No response. A sponsor is required to return the registration form within 14 days of having been notified that they were granted a scholarship. $50.00 Non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of having been notified that they were granted a deposit.




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