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Maintenance Moments

John Brown, our maintenance director here at camp, is a very busy guy. With the help of our team here at camp, he has worked hard on some new changes we would like to share with you.

Prayer here at Camp Good News and CEF is at the root of our daily decisions. So before any tools were used and hard hats were put on, we prayed. God gave us the direction with each project and we are confident that they were the best use of our time and resources.

Land Improvements:

In December we had a logging company come in and clear a two-acre lot up the Camp Good News Rd. This land will be developed over the next three years and Lord willing it will be the new location for our office and a large parking lot. The purpose behind this new location for a parking lot is to minimize the traffic coming into camp during the summer season, keeping the children safe. The office will have an entrance with a receptionist area, two offices and conference room. This office will be attached to a house that can be used for the current or future directors here at camp. A new 100 yard shooting range has been put in behind the old pool.  A small road was laid out behind the dining hall for maintenance access to the old pool and dam. In the next few years we are looking to expand our horse program and this year we have started by adding a third paddock for our horses to graze (see horse barn article). We have started the process of resurrecting the apple orchard that was overgrown on the property. In the fall we had some volunteers come in and start clearing years of underbrush from around the trees. We are hoping to continue the work on this area and bring these trees back to health. New water fountains have been erected at the pool, gazebo and farmhouse to have water accessible for the children in the main camp areas.  Landscaping has been improved around the boy’s area with the input of stone walls, flowers, walk ways and a small porch for safe access into the building. The septic near the staff bathrooms was repaired to prevent back up and to increase water flow. Twenty cords of wood was harvested from the land to heat the farmhouse and maintenance building throughout the winter.

Building Development:

This spring we had volunteers come in and finish their work on two more girl cabins. All of the cabins have been assessed for any repairs. From that we decided to tear down one cabin in the boy’s area and to sell one cabin in the girl’s area. In the boy’s area the bath house has been renovated. New showers, toilets, sinks were put in and beautiful tongue and groove walls were erected. Upstairs a new tongue and groove ceiling was put in as well as updates on outlets and lighting.

There are many exciting things to come, please keep the maintenance team in your prayers as we continue to use the land God has provided.


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