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Summer Staff at Camp Good News

Due to resting camp for the 2017 season, the only summer staff positions needed are part-time certified lifeguards.  Lifeguards will need to be able to commute to camp to fill this role.  Call Camp Good News if you are interested.

The front line connection to each camper is our summer camp staff.  They spend 24 hours a day with the campers.  By building strong relationships, they are able to impact the lives of the summer campers in a unique way.  Each summer camp relies upon the strength of our staff to complete the ministry to the children.  Each staff member goes through extensive evangelistic and counseling training; plus they are tested  before they interact with the campers.  Background checks and child protection screenings are also done on all summer camp staff members.

Staff Training Dates
Staff Training will not take place for the 2017 summer season due to the fact that Camp Good News is resting for the 2017 season.

All summer camp staff members are required to participate in training for their perspective position.  We offer an excellent summer camp training program that will be useful as you grow in ministry.  During training, you will learn valuable skills that will equip you to perform in your area of ministry.  Training is provided free of charge.

Below is a list of the summer camp staff positions available.  If you are interested in a position, please contact the director, Jens Beck,  or download the Staff Application and complete it.  Each summer staff position is a summer missionary position.  Each person is required to participate in raising support for their summer salary.

Leadership Staff

Our Summer Camp Leadership staff are returning staff who have a heart for children.

 Leadership Staff
Leadership staff comes to summer camp early and receives a week and a half of leadership training before all staff training. One of these roles requires Leadership Skills and it is often best if they have experience as a counselor before applying for a leadership position.

Dean of Men/Deans of Women: We have one dean of men and two deans of women. The deans are responsible to supervise, mentor and support the counseling staff. In addition to helping with the counseling of campers, the deans meet with the counselors for personal discipleship.

Teen Service Deans: There is one male and one female dean of teen service. The teen service deans are responsible to supervise, mentor and support our teen service staff. In addition to supervising the work of the teen service staff, they conduct group discipleship meetings and lead team-building activities.

Assistant Program Leader: The assistant program leader works directly with the program director to help direct the main camp program. The assistant also help the Bible teachers, camp pastor, and camp missionaries, oversees the chapel services and assists the counselors with camper ministry.

Wilderness Program Leader: The wilderness program leader is responsible for our wilderness adventure program and to supervise, mentor, and support the wilderness counseling staff.


All of our Summer camp staff are cleared through a rigorous background check.

Horse Program Leader: The horse program leader is responsible for overseeing the horseback riding program; this includes the care of the horses and supervision of all horse program staff during the horse activity hours.

Assistant Horse Program Leader: Our Assistant Horse Program Leader works directly with the Horse Program Leader and helps to direct the horse program and care of the horse program.






Our Summer camp staff love children…

Counseling Staff
All counselors shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Basically, counselors act as friend, parent and sibling to the campers throughout the complete day and night. They care for the camper’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Because of this incredible responsibility, we select counselors based primarily on character.
Typically, there are ten boy campers and eight girl campers to a cabin. We maintain a ratio of one counselor per five campers.
Counseling assignments (cabin and counselor pairing) are made weekly by the deans.


…the children love our summer camp staff in return…

Counselor: A counselor is at least eighteen years old and is either new to Camp Good News or they have prior counseling experience. They are responsible for all of the direct counseling and care of their campers.

Wilderness Counselor: Wilderness counselors work in our wilderness adventure program. They have all of the responsibility of a senior counselor, but are separate from the main camp program. All wilderness counselors go through specialized training to be able to run the wilderness activities including the zip line, rock wall, ropes courses, canoe trip and more.



…because they know that they are safe and well cared for.

Support Staff

Barn Assistant: The barn assistant helps in the horse program by caring for the horses and by assisting with the horse program.






Teen Service


Teen service helps to provide a pool for potential summer camp staff.

Teen Service: Teen service consists of up to twelve teen volunteers. These                                                                             volunteers have staff responsibility and help perform operational tasks in the kitchen and around camp property. During the week, the teen service is introduced to camp counseling activities and elements of developing and maintaining a Christian daily walk. They also are able to participate in team building activities.




Apply Now!  Fill out the forms online or download the following forms, fill them out and send them into Camp Good News.



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