165 Camp Good News Rd, Charlestown, NH
(603) 826-5583

DSCN3766Volunteers are an integral part of the team.  Each week, up to 35 volunteers give of their time and energy for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Without volunteers, the cost for Camp Good News would be much more.  It is because of the volunteer help that we are able to keep costs under control and make the camp more available to girls and boys.

Child Evangelism Fellowship and Camp Good News have strict child protection policies.  We trust you understand and endorse our efforts to protect the children.  All staff and volunteers are screened with state and national background checks, references and interviews.  Please help us by completing your paperwork in a timely fashion so we may complete the process.

As a non-denominational camp, it is the policy of Child Evangelism Fellowship and Camp Good News that even though there may be doctrinal difference in those who serve at camp, we all agree to set our doctrinal distinctives aside to reach children with the gospel that we all agree upon.


Other Forms Required

Below are forms that are required for volunteers to fill-out in order for their application to be processed.  Please make sure to take note of which forms apply to your situation.  If you filled out the application form online, you do not need to fill out any additional Child Protection Paperwork, as it is included in the application form.




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