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Dear Friends,

Scholarship requests are coming in already!

Imagine if any child could attend Camp Good News regardless of their ability to pay. Imagine if children struggling with their identity, longing to be loved, faced with huge peer pressures or thoughts of self-injury could come face-to-face with a loving, sovereign God who has a plan for their lives. Consider this fact: VT, NH, ME and MA are the top 4 “Godless” States in America! (Source:http://nation.time.com/2014/02/03/these-are-the-most-godless-states-in-america/)

Now imagine that you could play a role in helping these children experience the best week of their lives! You can! By helping Camp Good News to become a “Gospel for FREE ministry” to all children!

A week at camp provides children with a chance to break away from the pressures of their daily routine and the forces that so easily distract them from what’s really important, like hearing the “Word of God”. In a caring camp environment, full of fun and adventure, students are challenged from scripture to consider their standing before a Holy God, to repent, and to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ as their only means of salvation.

Our goal each year is to raise $36,500 for children to attend Camp this summer. That is equivalent to 100 full scholarships! We’re hoping to make this pledge drive the best ever, so the more funds we receive, the more successful we’ll be at achieving our goal to become a “Gospel for FREE ministry” to ALL children!

Unfortunately Camp Good News is resting for the 2017 summer so no scholarships will be given out this summer.  For more information about this decision please read the following letter-of-explanation by the CEF of NH Board of Directors.  There are other ways that you can continue to support Camp Good News through helping with facility improvements this summer.

If you can help us make Camp Good News New Hampshire a “Gospel for FREE ministry” to all children, please send your check to:

CGN Scholarships

165 Camp Good News Rd.

Charlestown, NH 03603


For the glory of God,

The CGNNH Staff





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