165 Camp Good News Rd, Charlestown, NH
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Camp Updates

As you drive down Camp Good News Road this year you will notice the aesthetics of camp; like the clearing on both sides of the road, are new additions. Some adjustments that have been made at camp will take time to get familiar with but they are all necessary to help camp grow and become more suitable for year round ministries. Some of the noticeable modifications will be that the Main Office has been moved to the Farmhouse. The clearing referred to above will be a parking lot and future main office location. The horse barn gained more paddock space, and a firing range was added to the property behind the creation club house!

Others alterations this summer are there will not be a Teen Week for main camp, for the past few summers we were struggling to get enough teens to sign up, and we realized that the ministry at Camp Good News is to fNewsletter17ocus on children, not teens. There are many other camps and ministries in our area that cater to teens, and we want to focus on what we know how to do best – minister to children. ‘Store time’ will become ‘snack time’ to more effectively use space, and our staff this year will be made up of mostly volunteers! The Horse Program will have its own designated Teen Week, as well being an all-girls program.

Due to fewer weeks of main camp, we are making changes to our Teen service program as well. Instead of 2 three week sessions we will be having one, two week session. This program is beneficial to the Teens by helping them see their various spiritual gifts and learning humility alongside fellow Christian teens. Having the teens help out with meals and demonstrate their servant’s hearts by doing some cleaning is also a big help to camp.

With our focus being on children, we do not like putting a price on sharing the Gospel, but we cannot afford to run camp for free. If you have ever been to camp, helped out any way, or have a heart for children to hear the gospel message, please consider giving to the scholarship fund to help a child come to camp. For one dollar a day, a onetime gift of $365, you can help send a child to camp for a week. Our goal is to reach 100 children through our scholarship program, equaling $36,500 of charitable giving from supporters, like you.

In order to keep camp operating within the new wage laws, we need to have a volunteer base that will support most of the positions at camp, the biggest need being volunteers. Since the Main Camp program will only be running for three weeks, volunteers can be a weekly commitment, and families can come and serve and/or participate together. The volunteer positions we need filled each week are: 18 girl counselors, 14 guy counselors, 2 Teen Service Deans, 2 Nurses, 6 kitchen staff, 2 Wilderness Cooks, 1 housekeeping staff, and 4 Maintenance, 3 Bible teachers, 1 childcare supervisor, 2 weekend cooks, 2 craft barn helpers, 1 pastor, 1-2 missionaries. The greatest change to our volunteer need is the 32 counselors needed each week. We are limited in the number of children we can accept by the number of volunteer counselors that sign up. For every counselor team of two we can have 8-10 children come to camp.

If you are interested in volunteering the week your child(ren) are at Camp, or if your church wants to help staff a week of camp please contact Aunt Sheila Beck at volunteer@cgnnh.com for more information.


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