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$12,500 received to date!

$12,500 received to date!

To date we have received $12,500 in scholarship funds! This morning we received a request from a Church in Vermont. They are sending us 13 campers! The request is for scholarship funds. The Church is paying the $50 registration fee so $250 per child is needed. If you can help send a child to Camp this summer please click the picture to give online or send a check to:

CGN Scholarships

165 Camp Good News Rd.

Charlestown, NH 03603

Together we can reach the children of New England with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

DSC_0589This past week we received a generous donation from the grandmother of two past childrens’ campers here at Camp Good News New Hampshire. She was making a donation through PayPal and this note was attached:

“My two granddaughters are Christians mainly due to Camp Good News. They participated in after school programs and then camp. My granddaughters are looking forward to Wilderness Camp this summer.”

 Here at Camp Good News New Hampshire we are excited to hear that  God is working in the lives of our Summer Camp children when they are not at camp. This is a testament to God’s faithfulness when he promises in Isaiah 55:10-11 that His word will not return void but will accomplish what He intends it for. In this case, the salvation of children! That is what God’s primary purpose is at Camp Good News New Hampshire – children being evangelized.

Thank you to all who have donated this past year as we seek to become a “Gospel for FREE ministry to all children.”! 

If you want to become a CAMPfriend supporter and partner with us for God’s glory in reaching children with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ please the donate button below.


“For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 12:12


Here is some of our Summer Staff playing Noodle Hockey on top of the Old Pool

Here is some of our Summer Camp Staff playing Noodle Hockey on top of the Old Pool.

As I read this verse it reminds me of how it was to be on Summer Camp Staff. This past week we had a reunion of some staff members whose jobs run from being a counselor all the way to being the director. As we sat around the fire of the dining hall and talked about the many stories of camp one particular came to mind. 

Going through the ropes course was always fun to do during all staff training. It was a great way to learn more about the staff that you will be with for the next seven weeks and it is a great exercise for the wilderness counselors.  We got to the last big challenge, the Jericho Wall. There were many counselors who had done this and find there way over. But there was one Summer Camp Staff member who didn’t. He was quite timid and didn’t even think he could conquer such a beast. If you have been to camp before you understand how it works. The Jericho Wall is a giant wall where the idea is that you have a team of people attempting to go over the wall without a ladder or any other climbing aid. So as they looked upon the wall this Summer Camp Staff member had set in his mind that he would not go up the wall. After this was said the entire staff started to support him. People were cheering him on and giving him words of encouragement. With this he looked back at the Wall and without thinking does what he thought he couldn’t. Within a couple of seconds he was up and over the wall. 

Brothers and Sisters, when you are in fellowship with believers you can conquer the impossible. We are all the body in Christ striving side by side for the faith of the Gospel (Philippians 1:27). Being on Summer Camp Staff is doing that. Many people think that working at camp is just a summer job, but it is a mission field. This past summer had both its ups and downs but through all of them the Lord’s glory has be shown. 

The reunion rekindled our friendships from the summer but also was a way to see how each had grown after the five months. Whether it would have been going to school, going to work, or even some going to the mission field, one thing all

Uncle Rolen helping his sister Miss Clare up after she slipped on the very slippery Old Pool

Uncle Rolen helping his sister Miss Clare up after she slipped during our summer camp staff game off noodle hockey.

Summer Camp Staff may agree on that working at camp during the summer has grown their faith. 



If you have any interest of working on our 2014 Summer Camp Staff of Camp Good News NH  Click Here for more information.

Praise be to the Most High God! We reached our goal of $10,000! In fact, we have raised to date: $11,200.00 and checks are still coming in! With matching funds we now have $21,200.00 to invest in the evangelization of children here in New England! So keep sending in the funds – we may reach $30,000.00 before this is over!

“Now concerning the ministering to the saints, it is unnecessary for me to write to you; for I know your readiness, about which I boast concerning you to the Macedonians, that Achaia has been prepared since last year, and your zeal has provoked the majority.”

(2Co 9:1-2)

To date we have collected $6503.00! To God be the glory!

Just a reminder to let everyone know that the fundraiser ends Sunday the 30th and funds need to be in by Monday the 8th so we can have a total to present to our matching funds donor.

Mail checks to:

Fall Fundraiser

C/O Camp Good News

165 Camp Good News Rd.

Charlestown, NH 03603

Great Day! Great: people, horses, food, friends and weather! All from a great God who was pleased to help us raise $1600+ dollars for the Camp Good News Horse program.

Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard: Dawn, Chelle and Eric – you guys rock! This is your baby and it was wonderful to see you in your element! Thanks to Brandon, Rolen, Ed, Josh and the rest of the Camp Good News crew that helped mark trails. Thanks to the Beck’s for their hard work and thanks to our sponsors: Achille Agway in Walpole and Keene, The Cheshire Horse in Swanzey, Allen Brothers Farms, Natural Horse Tack and Feed, Slypner Athletic Horseshoes, R.B. Erskine Inc. of Chester Vermont, Tractor Supply Company Walpole, Westminster Animal Hospital and Jared’s Rabbit Hutch, we are ever so grateful and last but never least to God be all the glory!

Take the challenge! We have a donor who will match funds up to $10,000.00!

Times are hard for all americans, there is no doubt about that. Just check the local papers, turn on the nightly news or make a trip to the gas pumps and the signs are all around saying “Recession!” As disciples of Jesus Christ we are all called to give to the work of the Lord God Jehovah as He seeks to make His name known among the Nations. For many Christians though, the thought of faithful missions giving is scary. As a Pastor and active member of our fellowships missions team I am keenly aware that missions giving is down in many churches and in many missions organizations.

Two years ago Jaffrey Bible Church was one such fellowship that was hit especially hard by the recession. We had several families without work and others who had been cut back in their work hours to a “Survival Mode” of  income. As a result, missions giving waned.

The peeps say “Yes” to the coffee cup committment!

My wife Karla and I presented a challenge to the congregation, “Forego a cup of coffee that you might purchase at , Dunkins, Starbucks or your local service station each day and give those funds to the missionaries we support.” Not only did we ask the people to forego a cup of coffee but to forego: Pizza, movies, desserts, eating out – anything that was not necessary for survival and give those funds to the Missionaries.

This presentation took place in the morning service and we handed out Medium sized styrofoam cups to everyone – including the children! The instructions were to bring the cups back at the end of each week and dump the contents into a large basket where it would be collected and counted. We raised enough funds from this “Sacrificial” giving that we were able to meet our financial obligations to our missionaries and establish the “Coffee Cup Committment”.

Now we extend that challenge to all friends of Camp Good News New Hampshire!

There are over 200 friends of Camp Good News on Facebook alone! If we all worked together we could make this a great Fall fundraiser for camp. Would you consider this challenge for the month of September? You and your family forego some “Niceties” of life and give the money you would usually spend on “Extras” to camp? Would you consider holding a “Coffee Cup Committment” event at your Church Fellowship and get everyone involved? Help us turn $10,000.00 into $20,000.00 for camp this Fall!

The funds add up quickly too! Forego 1 medium-sized Dunkins coffee a day and this is what you can give:

1 Med. Dunkins: 2.50

Number of days: 30

$2.50 x 30 = $75.00!

When you have finished collecting your funds, count the total and send us a check for what you have raised. All funds need to be received by 10/8 2102

If you have questions please contact Brent @ brent@campgoodnewsnh.com or