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Camp updates

CGNNH Bethlehem Babble

A lot has happened since last summer! We had our first successful fall riding season with riding lessons and trail rides! Thank you to all who participated, and we are looking forward to more successful seasons to come. This year we will be having 8 weeks of spring riding lessons, 6 weeks of summer camp and 10 weeks of fall riding lessons for those who are interested contact Miss Allie, by the information provided below.

We are excited to announce that Spring Riding Lessons and Trail Rides will begin mid May and end June 24th. Giving our riders 8 full weeks to brush up on their riding skills before the summer program starts on June 26th! Miss Allie will be teaching the lessons and leading the trail rides in both the spring and fall seasons, if you would like to reserve a lesson or book a trail ride contact her at horseprogram@cgnnh.com or (603)826-5583, and she would be more than happy to assist you in finding a time that works best. You must be at least 9 to ride in any of our programs.

This summer we have quite a few changes happening within our horse program. First of which is that we will be having one week of DAY Camp, July 10th to the 15th all riders will be dropped off every day at 8:30 am and picked up at 5:00 pm. The riding program will be the same with two riding and ground lessons a day, with a camper trail ride on Wednesday. The only difference is that the campers will not be sleeping in the cabins.

Our previously typical horse program weeks will be; June 26th to July 1st; July 3rd – 8th; July 17th – 22nd and July 24th – 29th. The weeks consists of riding lessons, ground lessons, Wednesday trail ride, and other activities like swim, store, Bible and cabin time as well.

Unlike main camp this year the horse program will be having a Teen Week! This year it will be July 31st to August 5th with only FOUR more spots available! We also have added a special trail ride for Wednesday either an overnight or an all day ride, depending on weather and number of riders.

If you are interested in attending or having your child(ren) participate in any part of the horse program this year please call or email Miss Allie by the above contact information.

Horse Sense

We are excited to announce that we are getting Moredcai, Matthias, and Boaz back this year along with FOUR NEW horses! Pictures and updates will be posted on our facebook page; www.facebook.com/CGNNH.Horse, or our website cgnnh.com/bethlehem-barn-horses. If you like our page you will get updates on our programming and see our new four legged friends coming soon!


Maintenance Moments

John Brown, our maintenance director here at camp, is a very busy guy. With the help of our team here at camp, he has worked hard on some new changes we would like to share with you.

Prayer here at Camp Good News and CEF is at the root of our daily decisions. So before any tools were used and hard hats were put on, we prayed. God gave us the direction with each project and we are confident that they were the best use of our time and resources.

Land Improvements:

In December we had a logging company come in and clear a two-acre lot up the Camp Good News Rd. This land will be developed over the next three years and Lord willing it will be the new location for our office and a large parking lot. The purpose behind this new location for a parking lot is to minimize the traffic coming into camp during the summer season, keeping the children safe. The office will have an entrance with a receptionist area, two offices and conference room. This office will be attached to a house that can be used for the current or future directors here at camp. A new 100 yard shooting range has been put in behind the old pool.  A small road was laid out behind the dining hall for maintenance access to the old pool and dam. In the next few years we are looking to expand our horse program and this year we have started by adding a third paddock for our horses to graze (see horse barn article). We have started the process of resurrecting the apple orchard that was overgrown on the property. In the fall we had some volunteers come in and start clearing years of underbrush from around the trees. We are hoping to continue the work on this area and bring these trees back to health. New water fountains have been erected at the pool, gazebo and farmhouse to have water accessible for the children in the main camp areas.  Landscaping has been improved around the boy’s area with the input of stone walls, flowers, walk ways and a small porch for safe access into the building. The septic near the staff bathrooms was repaired to prevent back up and to increase water flow. Twenty cords of wood was harvested from the land to heat the farmhouse and maintenance building throughout the winter.

Building Development:

This spring we had volunteers come in and finish their work on two more girl cabins. All of the cabins have been assessed for any repairs. From that we decided to tear down one cabin in the boy’s area and to sell one cabin in the girl’s area. In the boy’s area the bath house has been renovated. New showers, toilets, sinks were put in and beautiful tongue and groove walls were erected. Upstairs a new tongue and groove ceiling was put in as well as updates on outlets and lighting.

There are many exciting things to come, please keep the maintenance team in your prayers as we continue to use the land God has provided.

Camp Updates

As you drive down Camp Good News Road this year you will notice the aesthetics of camp; like the clearing on both sides of the road, are new additions. Some adjustments that have been made at camp will take time to get familiar with but they are all necessary to help camp grow and become more suitable for year round ministries. Some of the noticeable modifications will be that the Main Office has been moved to the Farmhouse. The clearing referred to above will be a parking lot and future main office location. The horse barn gained more paddock space, and a firing range was added to the property behind the creation club house!

Others alterations this summer are there will not be a Teen Week for main camp, for the past few summers we were struggling to get enough teens to sign up, and we realized that the ministry at Camp Good News is to fNewsletter17ocus on children, not teens. There are many other camps and ministries in our area that cater to teens, and we want to focus on what we know how to do best – minister to children. ‘Store time’ will become ‘snack time’ to more effectively use space, and our staff this year will be made up of mostly volunteers! The Horse Program will have its own designated Teen Week, as well being an all-girls program.

Due to fewer weeks of main camp, we are making changes to our Teen service program as well. Instead of 2 three week sessions we will be having one, two week session. This program is beneficial to the Teens by helping them see their various spiritual gifts and learning humility alongside fellow Christian teens. Having the teens help out with meals and demonstrate their servant’s hearts by doing some cleaning is also a big help to camp.

With our focus being on children, we do not like putting a price on sharing the Gospel, but we cannot afford to run camp for free. If you have ever been to camp, helped out any way, or have a heart for children to hear the gospel message, please consider giving to the scholarship fund to help a child come to camp. For one dollar a day, a onetime gift of $365, you can help send a child to camp for a week. Our goal is to reach 100 children through our scholarship program, equaling $36,500 of charitable giving from supporters, like you.

In order to keep camp operating within the new wage laws, we need to have a volunteer base that will support most of the positions at camp, the biggest need being volunteers. Since the Main Camp program will only be running for three weeks, volunteers can be a weekly commitment, and families can come and serve and/or participate together. The volunteer positions we need filled each week are: 18 girl counselors, 14 guy counselors, 2 Teen Service Deans, 2 Nurses, 6 kitchen staff, 2 Wilderness Cooks, 1 housekeeping staff, and 4 Maintenance, 3 Bible teachers, 1 childcare supervisor, 2 weekend cooks, 2 craft barn helpers, 1 pastor, 1-2 missionaries. The greatest change to our volunteer need is the 32 counselors needed each week. We are limited in the number of children we can accept by the number of volunteer counselors that sign up. For every counselor team of two we can have 8-10 children come to camp.

If you are interested in volunteering the week your child(ren) are at Camp, or if your church wants to help staff a week of camp please contact Aunt Sheila Beck at volunteer@cgnnh.com for more information.

cmi facebook bannerThe Children’s Ministries Institute (CMI) is a wonderful place for those who want to sharpen there ministry skills to children. You can take online classes or attend modules at the Child Evangelism Fellowship Headquarters in Warrenton MO. If you are already involved with CEF, there will be a 50% discount in the Spring of 2015 to attend CMI in Warrenton. Want first-hand knowledge of what to expect? E-mail Brent and Karla Charles @ director@cgnnh.com as they are at CMI until November 14th!

$12,500 received to date!

$12,500 received to date!

To date we have received $12,500 in scholarship funds! This morning we received a request from a Church in Vermont. They are sending us 13 campers! The request is for scholarship funds. The Church is paying the $50 registration fee so $250 per child is needed. If you can help send a child to Camp this summer please click the picture to give online or send a check to:

CGN Scholarships

165 Camp Good News Rd.

Charlestown, NH 03603

Together we can reach the children of New England with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

“For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 12:12


Here is some of our Summer Staff playing Noodle Hockey on top of the Old Pool

Here is some of our Summer Camp Staff playing Noodle Hockey on top of the Old Pool.

As I read this verse it reminds me of how it was to be on Summer Camp Staff. This past week we had a reunion of some staff members whose jobs run from being a counselor all the way to being the director. As we sat around the fire of the dining hall and talked about the many stories of camp one particular came to mind. 

Going through the ropes course was always fun to do during all staff training. It was a great way to learn more about the staff that you will be with for the next seven weeks and it is a great exercise for the wilderness counselors.  We got to the last big challenge, the Jericho Wall. There were many counselors who had done this and find there way over. But there was one Summer Camp Staff member who didn’t. He was quite timid and didn’t even think he could conquer such a beast. If you have been to camp before you understand how it works. The Jericho Wall is a giant wall where the idea is that you have a team of people attempting to go over the wall without a ladder or any other climbing aid. So as they looked upon the wall this Summer Camp Staff member had set in his mind that he would not go up the wall. After this was said the entire staff started to support him. People were cheering him on and giving him words of encouragement. With this he looked back at the Wall and without thinking does what he thought he couldn’t. Within a couple of seconds he was up and over the wall. 

Brothers and Sisters, when you are in fellowship with believers you can conquer the impossible. We are all the body in Christ striving side by side for the faith of the Gospel (Philippians 1:27). Being on Summer Camp Staff is doing that. Many people think that working at camp is just a summer job, but it is a mission field. This past summer had both its ups and downs but through all of them the Lord’s glory has be shown. 

The reunion rekindled our friendships from the summer but also was a way to see how each had grown after the five months. Whether it would have been going to school, going to work, or even some going to the mission field, one thing all

Uncle Rolen helping his sister Miss Clare up after she slipped on the very slippery Old Pool

Uncle Rolen helping his sister Miss Clare up after she slipped during our summer camp staff game off noodle hockey.

Summer Camp Staff may agree on that working at camp during the summer has grown their faith. 



If you have any interest of working on our 2014 Summer Camp Staff of Camp Good News NH  Click Here for more information.

first firebowl 2013 (2)Here are some of the J1 Firebowl testimonies of faith both from campers and staff. Names  have been changed to protect the individuals. 

Campers and Staff were asked the question, “What has God done for you this week.” Here are some of the responses.

~Robert: I was saved this week.

~Barbara: God helped me go through hard times.

~Miss Beth: God has answered so many prayers this week and helped me feel joy when I wasn’t myself.

~MaryBeth: I’m thankful for everything He made-He made every single design.

~Caleb: God helped me get over my fear of the dark.

~Sarah: God saved me this week.

~Aunt Dana: I’m blessed to be working at the camp where my son got saved nine years ago.

~Miss Jenny: God has shown me this week, to place things in His hands.

~Jenna: I was nervous to begin with, but God has been pushing me out of my comfort zone. I need to trust Him to do great things.

~Hanna: I made lots of friends; this was my best CGN experience ever. Miss Catherine has been one of my best counselors because she spoke to me about my situation and tried to help me. The counselors here are all very Godly. Uncle Zeb is like a brother, and Uncle Adam is like the father figure. It makes sense when they talk; especially Miss Rebecca because she’s closer to our age group and relates to us better. 

God has been doing great things this summer! We had seven salvation’s last week! Praise God that He is reaching those that need to hear His word. Please pray for the staff as we are coming up on J3 that we will still be effective in God’s work and that we will continue to draw close to God so that we can pour into those that we come in contact with. 

Thank you to everyone that has taken part in this ministry; God has the ability to turn little things into great things for the furthering of His kingdom. 

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.  We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, so that what you hope for may be fully realized. We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.” 

~Hebrews 6:10-12

Help us become a "Gospel for FREE ministry" to ALL children!

Help us become a “Gospel for FREE ministry” to ALL children!

Thanks so much for all who have given to the 2013 Spring Scholarship Fund Drive! We have received just over $2500 to date! Please visit HERE to make YOUR donation and help make Camp Good News New Hampshire a “Gospel for FREE ministry” to ALL children!

In this video you will see Joshua, our caretaker, using “Blue” our new tractor to help pull a tree from the old pool here at camp. The other fellah with glasses is t-bone and the young man rescuing my dog from the pool is Rolen. They are learning the fine art of “land clearing in tight spaces” you might say. The last man is Jens our program director who does way more than program here at camp.

The video will not win any academy awards but it will give a sense of two things:

1. We do not stop working when the summer staff and campers go home…

2. We enjoy prepping camp for the next season…

In fact, the trees being cleared are to make way for a rope swing that is being built by staff and volunteers for next summers program. So please pray for us that we may exercise safety, common sense, and good stewardship of our time to accomplish all that God has planned for His glory.

Praise be to the Most High God! We reached our goal of $10,000! In fact, we have raised to date: $11,200.00 and checks are still coming in! With matching funds we now have $21,200.00 to invest in the evangelization of children here in New England! So keep sending in the funds – we may reach $30,000.00 before this is over!