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Take the challenge! We have a donor who will match funds up to $10,000.00!

Times are hard for all americans, there is no doubt about that. Just check the local papers, turn on the nightly news or make a trip to the gas pumps and the signs are all around saying “Recession!” As disciples of Jesus Christ we are all called to give to the work of the Lord God Jehovah as He seeks to make His name known among the Nations. For many Christians though, the thought of faithful missions giving is scary. As a Pastor and active member of our fellowships missions team I am keenly aware that missions giving is down in many churches and in many missions organizations.

Two years ago Jaffrey Bible Church was one such fellowship that was hit especially hard by the recession. We had several families without work and others who had been cut back in their work hours to a “Survival Mode” of  income. As a result, missions giving waned.

The peeps say “Yes” to the coffee cup committment!

My wife Karla and I presented a challenge to the congregation, “Forego a cup of coffee that you might purchase at , Dunkins, Starbucks or your local service station each day and give those funds to the missionaries we support.” Not only did we ask the people to forego a cup of coffee but to forego: Pizza, movies, desserts, eating out – anything that was not necessary for survival and give those funds to the Missionaries.

This presentation took place in the morning service and we handed out Medium sized styrofoam cups to everyone – including the children! The instructions were to bring the cups back at the end of each week and dump the contents into a large basket where it would be collected and counted. We raised enough funds from this “Sacrificial” giving that we were able to meet our financial obligations to our missionaries and establish the “Coffee Cup Committment”.

Now we extend that challenge to all friends of Camp Good News New Hampshire!

There are over 200 friends of Camp Good News on Facebook alone! If we all worked together we could make this a great Fall fundraiser for camp. Would you consider this challenge for the month of September? You and your family forego some “Niceties” of life and give the money you would usually spend on “Extras” to camp? Would you consider holding a “Coffee Cup Committment” event at your Church Fellowship and get everyone involved? Help us turn $10,000.00 into $20,000.00 for camp this Fall!

The funds add up quickly too! Forego 1 medium-sized Dunkins coffee a day and this is what you can give:

1 Med. Dunkins: 2.50

Number of days: 30

$2.50 x 30 = $75.00!

When you have finished collecting your funds, count the total and send us a check for what you have raised. All funds need to be received by 10/8 2102

If you have questions please contact Brent @ brent@campgoodnewsnh.com or


Each week at Camp Good News New Hampshire the children and counselors engage in the “Polar Bear” swim. So called because it is an early morning dip in our olympic sized, spring fed, swimming pool. The water is crystal clear and quite cold! The children are not required to swim, only the counseling staff, but many of them do.

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Having fun at Camp Good News New Hampshire. Here we have a “Make your counselor look like a snowman” contest. Each cabin will receive points based on the creativity of their snowmen and the points will accrue as “Kings Cup” points. Kings cup medals will then be awarded at the Friday Afternoon closing ceremonies.

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Andy Halbach and I have been painting the farmhouse exterior. Hope you like the colors. Hopefully the majority will be done by the 50th, if not, by the end of summer.

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The “Old Pool” at Camp Good News New Hampshire is open for business again! Yeeaahhh… We have dredged over 300 yards of material, mostly loam/silt, from the pool. The work was done by Jennder Construction of Charlestown NH. Thank You Darryl and JP!


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Camp Good News NH is building its second volunteer cabin. Special thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving us faithful men from Raymond Baptist Church, Westport Bible Church, Charlestown Bible Church, Jaffrey Bible Church, Calvary Baptist Church, and our staff: Joshua Sylvester, Jens Beck and Ed Peets – to Him be the glory!

The Simoneau Award is given each year in memory and honor of Dick and Florence Simoneau who served faithfully at Camp Good News for over 10 years. Dick went home to be with the Lord in the winter of 2001, and we will always remember Uncle Dick wearing his cowboy hat while working on the camp property.  Since his home going in 2001, the Simoneau Award has been given to 10 couples or groups of people that have demonstrated the same self-sacrificial giving of Uncle Dick and Aunt Florence.

On Thursday, April 5, 2012, the 2011 Simoneau Award was given to a mother-daughter team at Center Point in Concord, NH.  Together, Aunt Sarah Lougee and Aunt Elaine Welch have volunteered for over a quarter of a century.  Each summer one or, most often, both would come to Camp Good News for a week or two to volunteer in some capacity.  Together they have done just about every job at camp – except camp director.
Aunt Sarah has taught Bible lessons, served in the Craft Barn, the Camp Store, the kitchen, worked child care and cleaned dirty laundry.


Aunt Elaine has served as a nurse, Bible teacher, Store helper, Craft Barn helper, office assistant as well as in the kitchen.  One of their greatest services to camp comes from their concern to see children come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  They are prayer warriors for camp as well.  Praying hands and a Bible were wood burned into the plaques given to each them to commemorate their years of service.  It was a delight to recognize their selfless giving of time, energy, finances and self for so many years in front of Aunt Sarah’s Bible study group. Aunt Elaine shared with us what an honor and privilege it was to be recognized.  However, we, the staff of Camp Good News, have been blessed by the faithful service of Aunt Sarah and Aunt Elaine.  Aunt Elaine’s children and Aunt Sarah’s grandchildren have been campers as well as served at camp in some capacity over the past few years as well.  They hope to have a fourth generation join them one day soon! May God continue to bless their lives with fruitful labor for His kingdom.