165 Camp Good News Rd, Charlestown, NH
(603) 826-5583

I got involved with CGN 3 summers ago when my daughter (Annie), working with Wilderness her second year, persuaded me to come up and work in the kitchen. I was not really excited about it. I didn’t have any connection to this camp personally, but she was so excited about camp that I decided to come. I spent a week working in the main camp kitchen – it was the hardest week of my year and I was exhausted midweek – then I got my second wind and by the end of the week I was hooked and knew I wanted to come back. Now I really feel at home and can’t wait to come back each year if the Lord allows me.

While I didn’t have a history with this camp, I did have 2 or 3 other Christian camps that I had been involved with as a camper or staff many years ago and I had a lot of really good memories of spiritual fellowship and growth, fun activities, and yes, camp food. I never knew how MUCH work went into getting all that food ready! Last summer I had the special challenge and enjoyment of working in the Wilderness Kitchen. It is such a joy to be able to help support the ministry of this wonderful camp by being a behind-the-scenes volunteer worker. Meeting a new team of workers each year and seeing how well we all fit together with our talents and skills, the comradery both while working and during free time, watching the kids have a great time and seeing how hard the counselors and staff are working to glorify the Lord by showing the campers God’s Love and direction for their lives is all a real blessing. Working with the teen service kids is a special blessing too! Getting to know the people who work full time with Camp Good News helps me learn more about how God is using this ministry and fires me up to help it keep moving onward. I LOVE working as a cook volunteer at camp! (I’ve even learned a few things that help me with my own cooking at home!). And…I know how to make “Happy Bars”!


Maybe working in the kitchen isn’t your “thing” but there are lots of other avenues of service and I would really recommend getting involved in some area if you have the time – it is so rewarding both now and in Eternity!

-June Richmond


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