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Camp Good News Facility

Since 1962, Camp Good News has been located in Charlestown, New Hampshire on over 240 acres of beautiful land.  The property stands as a testimony to God’s creation as one can see natural beaver ponds, dozens of species of trees and shrubs, streams and God’s creatures that He created to live in this environment.

The property was first developed as a dairy farm, and the land was cleared to pasture the cows and provide feed and hay.  However, due to early and late frosts, farming on the property was deemed too difficult.

1960sbbt2 1960sbbt 1960sfarmhouse

The barn and the farmhouse that were built in the 1830s are all that are left of the original farm. In the late 1940s, the owner of the property had a dream to create a camp that would grow and mature boys in their moral character to become a positive influence on our country.

oldpool1 oldpool2

He designed a signature feature of the camp facility – a natural swimming pool that was fed by the Great Brook which flowed behind the old barn.  This swimming pool is in use to this day.  Many folks that attended camp over the years ask if it is still there.

cabin2 cabin3 cabin1

Of course buildings were built to house campers and volunteers, so that now there are over 40 buildings on the camp property.  The farmhouse is used mainly for housing volunteers that are needed to support the program and maintenance of the property throughout the year.













The Barn was converted into the dining hall to serve meals and is now an essential meeting place for everyone at camp.

chaple1 chaple2

A chapel building was added in the 1960s and newly roofed in the spring of 2012. This is used daily for Bible Hour each morning, Missionary Moments in the afternoon and Chapel in the evenings.

wilderness1 wilderness2 wilderness3

A Wilderness “outpost” camp was developed in the 1980s on the back part of the property.  It includes cabins and a dining facility complete with a propane powered kitchen.

ropescourse1 climb1 zip1

In 1997, a ropes course, climbing tower and zip line were added to the facility to enhance the Wilderness program.

barn1 barn2

Also in 1997, the horse barn, riding rings and horse paddocks were added to the facility to include a horseback riding program for the campers to enjoy.


In 1998, a maintenance garage and apartment were added to facilitate the maintenance of vehicles and buildings.  It also provided housing for the maintenance director and his family.

newpool1 newpool2

In 2001, after a few years of summer drought when the natural pool would cease to flow, a new in-ground, chemically controlled pool was added.  This enhanced the camper’s swimming experience and provided more reliable swimming opportunities.

newvolcabin1 newvolcabin2

In recent years new volunteer cabins have been added to house the needed volunteers. 


Also, since some of the cabins remain in use from the 1940s, we are in the process of replacing cabins with a new design that includes a front porch to enhance ministry opportunities in the cabin.

All Camp Good News property is dedicated and stewarded for the glory of God and the furthering of His kingdom


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