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CGNNH Bethlehem Babble

A lot has happened since last summer! We had our first successful fall riding season with riding lessons and trail rides! Thank you to all who participated, and we are looking forward to more successful seasons to come. This year we will be having 8 weeks of spring riding lessons, 6 weeks of summer camp and 10 weeks of fall riding lessons for those who are interested contact Miss Allie, by the information provided below.

We are excited to announce that Spring Riding Lessons and Trail Rides will begin mid May and end June 24th. Giving our riders 8 full weeks to brush up on their riding skills before the summer program starts on June 26th! Miss Allie will be teaching the lessons and leading the trail rides in both the spring and fall seasons, if you would like to reserve a lesson or book a trail ride contact her at horseprogram@cgnnh.com or (603)826-5583, and she would be more than happy to assist you in finding a time that works best. You must be at least 9 to ride in any of our programs.

This summer we have quite a few changes happening within our horse program. First of which is that we will be having one week of DAY Camp, July 10th to the 15th all riders will be dropped off every day at 8:30 am and picked up at 5:00 pm. The riding program will be the same with two riding and ground lessons a day, with a camper trail ride on Wednesday. The only difference is that the campers will not be sleeping in the cabins.

Our previously typical horse program weeks will be; June 26th to July 1st; July 3rd – 8th; July 17th – 22nd and July 24th – 29th. The weeks consists of riding lessons, ground lessons, Wednesday trail ride, and other activities like swim, store, Bible and cabin time as well.

Unlike main camp this year the horse program will be having a Teen Week! This year it will be July 31st to August 5th with only FOUR more spots available! We also have added a special trail ride for Wednesday either an overnight or an all day ride, depending on weather and number of riders.

If you are interested in attending or having your child(ren) participate in any part of the horse program this year please call or email Miss Allie by the above contact information.

Horse Sense

We are excited to announce that we are getting Moredcai, Matthias, and Boaz back this year along with FOUR NEW horses! Pictures and updates will be posted on our facebook page; www.facebook.com/CGNNH.Horse, or our website cgnnh.com/bethlehem-barn-horses. If you like our page you will get updates on our programming and see our new four legged friends coming soon!



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