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Farmhouse Facelift

Newsletter16The farmhouse here at Camp Good News has stood on this property for over 200 years. Some of you, if not all of you, have seen this farmhouse go through many changes over the years, and this year has been no exception. It is important to CEF to use what the Lord provided for us all those years ago, taking care of this house and using it in its many capacities to serve the children and ultimately the Lord. In 2015 we have taken on a year round resident Miss Allie, our Horse Program Director and Fund Developer, she is living in the farmhouse year round so she may be involved in the everyday ministry of camp. We have also moved our main office over into the library of the farmhouse which has turned out to be a great decision. The warm atmosphere of the old house mixed with the history that it has makes for a nice environment to work in. Moving the office helps us to be a steward of our heating materials, the old office was heated by propane and the farmhouse is heated by wood that we harvest from camps property. We have been blessed enough over the years to be able to cut our own wood and use that for our heating and this year is no exception. This fall we took out the coal burning stove that has been used in the basement for many years and replaced it with a wood burning stove that has proved to be more efficient in burning wood, therefore helping us to conserve our resources. Another exciting addition we made in 2015 are new windows and doors. The front door with two side lights and an overhead valance has been removed and replaced with a newer, better door (staying true to the original look of course). This upgrade has multiple benefits, safety has been improved with these windows due to them being easier to open and close. With the added benefit of giving  the farmhouse a better look. This has decreased the amount of heat we were losing through the old drafty windows and doors, keeping us toasty warm through these New England winters. In the next few months we will be taking the necessary steps to renovate some bedrooms into offices and adding a conference room, allowing us a heated and comfortable place to hold meetings and fellowship gatherings around the calendar year for years to come. Come this summer and take a look at all the Lord has provided here in the farmhouse, and throughout the rest of camp.



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