165 Camp Good News Rd, Charlestown, NH
(603) 826-5583

Volunteer Testimonies

Mary Freeman (age 16) — Camp Good News has always been an exciting and enriching place for me to grow spiritually. After spending eight years as an exuberant camper, I was ecstatic to be able to pursue the next avenue available to my age demographic at camp- Teen Service. If you think that cleaning toilets and sweeping endless expanses of dust laden floors are tedious tasks, think again! Though I might have held those same views prior to my two years as a Teen Server, I have since learned that a group of teens gathered to accomplish the common goal of glorifying our Creator can turn any task from tedious to terrific!

The individuals that volunteer, and camp staff are a joy to work with. Their bubbly energy and genuine smiles brighten even the coldest of morning (of which there are many. The gaggles of campers- young and old, bold and shy, saved and lost- bring a vibrancy and nuclear-charged energy to every day of camp. The joy and excitement they express is tangible and infectious. My summers at camp have grown me in ways I did not think possible. The verse “With God, all things are possible,” has never been more bona fide then when I am at Camp Good News serving my Savior.

Wendy Bisson (Head cook) — I have been volunteering at Camp Good News for quite a few years now. Each year I feel like I am older and under prepared for the tasks at hand. Yet, each year I have my fears  met with love, encouragement, and a support staff that reminds me God is good! It’s is amazing how God brings together such wonderfully talented people ready to come work for the common good. The friendships I have made in the kitchen are strong and loving and I find that my experience at camp ends up being a retreat for MY soul. I have thoroughly enjoyed my morning devotions and I always come home feeling like I received more than I gave. At CGN there is a symbiosis of hungry minds, devoted councilors, hard working teens, and fun loving staff that work hard to make a Gods message available to all. I am humbled and grateful for having the honor to serve among the campers and loving staff at CGN. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing how Gods love has touched those at camp.

Volunteering Opportunities

Week 1—Cooks:2, Maintenance:4, Housekeeping:1, Dishes:4, Nurse:1

Week 2—Cooks:2, WildernessCooks:2, Maintenance:4, Dishes:1, Nurse:1, HorseBarn:1

Week 3—Cooks:5, BibleTeachers:2, Maintenance:4, Housekeeping:1, Dishes:2, Nurse:2, Childcare:1, HorseBarn:1

Week 4—Cooks:3, Maintenance:2, Nurse:1

Week 5—Cooks:2, WildernessCooks2; Housekeeping:1, Childcare:1, Maintenance:4, Missionary

Week 6—Cooks:2, WildernessCooks:2, Maintenance:4, Dishes:2, Nurse:1


If you, or anyone you know, would like to help out at camp this summer please contact Aunt Sheila Beck at volunteer@cgnnh.com! We will not be able to reach the children God is bringing without you. Please pray on how God is leading you to support Camp this year!



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