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I recently read a post by Anne Archer Yetsko titled “10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire Former Camp Counselors”. (click here to see the original post), It had us thinking about our Summer Camp Staff. Over the next couple of blogs we will use her “10 Reasons” list and will explain, “The Top 10 Reasons Why Someone Should Hire a Camp Good News Counselor”.

DSCN8271DSCN8271DSCN8271DSCN8271DSCN82711. A Good Communicator: One of our most important staff traits is communication. In fact, its so important we have made it a focus to improve communication as a Camp Good News staff throughout 2014 (CGN Communication Covenant) . Good communication also includes: Staff to staff, staff to camper, staff to parent, and staff to local authorities. Our greatest goal at Camp Good News New Hampshire is to do everything for Gods glory, and this includes communication. As summer camp counselors, we are taught through extensive training how to show God’s glory through the ways we communicate. When a Camp Good News staff member faces an obstacle, they are taught the criterion of how they should communicate, the benchmark being the ultimate standard, Gods Word. 

In a work environment these skills can be very useful. Being able to communicate to a client or peers that you work with, can help build strong relationships. Using our benchmark we know that we wouldn’t talk out of hate but out of love. An example would be dealing  with an angry client. Knowing that we should speak out of love and not anger could help to defuse a situation so that the outcome is favorable instead of adverse, they would be able to suffectly speak to such client out of love. 



DSCN73622. A Life-Long Learner: When you are a Camp Good News staff member you have to be adaptable to what’s going on. You get a group of new campers every week. When you start off with them, you have to learn about them. There is a whole continuum to learn from their name to where they are in their walk with Jesus. Counselors not only need to learn about their campers, “but also about themselves” 1. It says in 1 timothy 4:16 “Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.“. The two week training for Camp Good News staff doesn’t just train on how to be a counselor, but helps you grow as a child of God and to prepare your heart for pouring out week by week. Camp Good News staff learn how to have a personal quiet time, interpret the bible and many more ways to build up your armor of God to serve for the summer. 

In the business world, things are changing everyday. Camp Good News counselors are prepared to work in an ever growing business world. As new systems change in business, counselors will adapt to those changes like they learned to adapt to new situations at camp.



1Anne Archer Yetsko, “10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire Former Camp Counselors” 



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